Charlotte NC Wrecker Services

When it comes time to seek out a wrecker tow truck service in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Neighborhood Towing Service. We provide wrecker service for all types of cars, vans and standard sized trucks. We also provide wrecker towing for large trucks or semi trucks.

Wrecker towing is not the same as towing a car or truck that has simply broken down. Our tow trucks have the capability of towing away your car, van or standard truck, regardless of what kind of accident you were involved in. Our tow trucks can handle this type of job as it is important to get your vehicle on the move as safely and as quickly as possible.

When To Choose A Wrecker Tow Truck

It is important to understand the differences between wrecker towing and merely using a towing service with a flatbed. The flatbeds can accommodate most breakdowns and even some minor accidents. However, wrecker towing is a bit more advanced. Wreckers are equipped with tow dollies and wheel lifts. This allows a wrecker to lift each wheel from the ground and prepare for safe transport.

In instances where the wreckage from an accident is substantial, a conventional tow truck will not be enough to get the job done. At Neighborhood Towing Service, our wrecker tow truck fleet can carry more weight than an ordinary tow truck. This allows for the safe transport of your vehicle, wherever it needs to go. This also means that no further damage will befall your vehicle during the wrecker tow.

Wrecking Service Working For You

Neighborhood Towing Service also works with insurance companies and local repair and body shops to help facilitate the process. After an accident, most people will gladly welcome this kind of assistance and it’s important for us to lend a helping hand through what can be a difficult time.

Our wrecking service drivers have been fully trained and certified to handle this specialized type of job. This also means collecting all the parts of your vehicle that may have become dislodged during the accident. Wrecker towing provides a comprehensive service that gets your complete wreck where it needs to go, without incurring any further damage.

Charlotte Wrecker Towing

If you find yourself asking about wrecker towing near me, contact Neighborhood Towing Service. Our wrecker towing service in Charlotte, NC will accommodate your needs with top-quality service and prompt arrival times.