Winch Out

A tow truck equipped with a winch out specializes in retrieving a vehicle that has swerved out of control and gone into a ditch. It can also retrieve a car that is stuck in the mud or snow. If your car cannot power out of a ditch or snowbank, then it is time to contact a towing company that offers winch out service. Neighborhood Towing Service provides winch out service to vehicles that are stuck and need to be pulled out of their current predicament. 

What Is It For?

To understand exactly how our winch out service works, it is important to understand what situations call for a winch out. A car that spins out of control and winds up unable to drive away usually qualifies for a winch out. Getting stuck in a ditch, in mud, snow, or water is not uncommon. Vehicles veer into these situations all the time and need help getting out. A winch can help and here is a look at how it works

How a winch functions

A winch is a device that includes heavy-duty wire that is wrapped around a drum. At the end of the winch is a big hook. That hook is taken and fastened to the vehicle that has become immobilized. After the hook is firmly secured to the vehicle, a hydraulic motor in the winch pulls the wire back toward the tow truck. It is basically a way of pulling a vehicle out of a ditch.

It is easy to spot a tow truck that has a winch as it is fastened to the truck and can be rather bulky. When you find your vehicle unable to drive out of a compromised position, then it is time to contact a towing company that provides winch out service.

Situations that call for this service

A typical accident is not going to require winch out service. However, there are plenty of circumstances that can make full use out of a winch out. Here is a look at when this service can be most helpful:

  • After a spinout off the road
  • During snowstorms and where there is snow banks
  • In the middle ort aftermath of a flood
  • Natural disasters

If your vehicle becomes stuck and is in need of a winch out, contact the professionals at Neighborhood Towing Service. We have a fleet of trucks that offers the best winch out service in Charlotte, NC and the neighboring communities.