Wheel lift

A wheel lift tow truck serves an important purpose in the towing industry. This tow truck is used to provide towing to smaller vehicles that are lighter in weight. It also accommodates cars equipped with two-wheel drive. There are wheel lift tow trucks that make up the fleet of trucks at Neighborhood Towing Service.

This variety of truck features a hydraulic boom that comes equipped with a pair of bars. Each of those tow bars are placed underneath the back wheels of a vehicle. A device on the tow truck then lifts that car into the air while two of its wheels remain on the ground. The tow truck driver has the option of lifting the back or front end. The modernized wheel lift trucks have replaced chains with hydraulic dollies.

One of the most common situations that calls for a wheel lift tow truck involves distance. Wheel lift tow trucks are commonly used for tows that do not cover a great distance. Instead, they are used for tows around town and for shorter distances.

Wheel lifts are also beneficial in smaller spaces as these trucks can gain access to tighter spots. There are also different varieties of wheel lift tow trucks as the hidden and slid-in versions provide different features. The slide-in variety basically slides into the bed of the truck, it is not subject to the bumpy conditions that may exist in the undermount.

At Vines Plumbing, we utilize all of our wheel lift tow trucks for the appropriate tows. When you contact our dispatcher, the relevant information from your situation will determine whether a wheel lift tow truck will soon be en route to you. Wheel lift tows can also be used for impounding vehicles.

Benefit of wheel lift towing

One of the main benefits of wheel lift towing is that it gives the driver superior control of the car being towed. This helps with safety as this form of towing is very reliable when it comes to transporting vehicles so that they do not incur any more damage. Wheel lifts can also be moved over to another truck when necessary.

If you are uncertain of what kind of tow truck is best suited to tow your car, contact the professionals at Neighborhood Towing Service. We will collect your information and then dispatch the appropriate type of tow truck. Our wheel lift tow trucks continue to get the job done right as we provide excellent towing service in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding communities.