Vehicle Tow Services In The Charlotte NC AreasNeighborhood Towing Service provides expert towing on trucks of all makes and models. However, we tow pickup trucks of all types and have the equipment necessary to get your truck safely off the road.

It takes a different body of knowledge and experience to tow pickup trucks effectively. Since they are much larger and more powerful than ordinary cars, it takes the right equipment to make sure the truck is taken care of properly. That is a primary goal at Neighborhood Towing Service and it is reflected in the way we conduct our everyday business.

Simple & Convenient Tow Services

It is also our aim to make the towing process as simple and convenient as possible for our customers. When you call for a tow service, we will ask you a series of questions that will include the following:

  • Location of your truck
  • Make and model of the truck
  • State of the tires (deflated or not)
  • Keys in possession
  • Method of payment

It is not uncommon for trucks to be stuck on the side of the road, immobile in a driveway or stuck in a legal parking spot. We are able to tow trucks from all locations although we do not provide recovery services. We can be of service to trucks that have broken down, incurred a flat tire or have become stuck. If your truck fails to start for any reason, we can get it to a professional mechanic of your choice.

Going Beyond The Basics

It is important to find a truck towing service that will go beyond just the basic essentials. When you contact Neighborhood Towing Service, you can be sure that our truck towing service will provide the following features:

  • Friendly and accommodating technician
  • Safe transport of your truck
  • Professional equipment used in towing process
  • Fully insured towing service
  • Affordable rates
  • Up to a hundred miles of towing

We are capable of towing trucks off all kinds of roads, streets and highways. No matter where you are located in the Charlotte, NC area, the professionals at Neighborhood Towing Service are just a phone call away. We have also made it our objective to hire only experienced and quality drivers. Every driver is carefully selected based on their experience, skill and industry knowledge. When you contact neighborhood towing service, you can expect the very best truck towing Charlotte, NC has to offer.