Roll back

Neighborhood Towing Service features a fleet of tow trucks and that includes rollback trucks. These are important to have because we can dispatch them to cater to certain types of damage. Once we get a report regarding the severity of an accident, we are able to determine which tow truck is best suited for the situation. Here is a look at how our rollback trucks can be of assistance when it comes to tow truck service in Charlotte.

A rollback tow truck looks very much like a flat bed tow truck, although there are some telling differences. A rollback tow truck uses a hydraulic system that rolls the car back on an angle. This allows tow truck drivers to actually drive the vehicle onto the bed. A rollback can also pull the car onto the bed, which is a bonus particularly when the wheels are non functional.

The advantages of rollback towing

The design of a roll back tow truck comes with a hydraulic system that allows the bed to drop to very low heights. This is key in loading a vehicle that has sustained extensive damage. Hoisting a wreck off the ground could inflict further damage, but a rollback makes for safer loading. Rollbacks are generally smaller than other types of tow trucks, which makes for greater maneuverability. When a wreck is bad, a rollback can access smaller areas and angles. This can help immensely in clearing a badly damaged vehicle.

Vehicles that have a lot of wreckage are better suited to use a rollback tow truck. This also applies to vehicles that have lost parts and pieces during an accident. The aftermath of an accident can be a very trying time for drivers, which is why the right kind of tow is something they shouldn’t have to worry about.

Most people are unaware of the nuances that make rollback towing superior to other forms of towing, depending upon the circumstances. And having the option of dispatching rollback tow trucks is one more reason to put your trust in Neighborhood Towing Service.

Our drivers are highly skilled at maneuvering rollback tow trucks as clients can put their faith in our ability to transport their vehicles. Safety is a primary concern and we take great pride in being entrusted with the transporting of your vehicle. Neighborhood Towing Service continues to provide excellent customer service along with the best rollback towing Charlotte, NC has to offer.