Flat bed

The next time you are in need of flat bed towing, contact Neighborhood Towing Service and we will make sure this method of towing works for you. Flat bed towing is the safest way to transport a vehicle. It protects the vehicle being towed but also protects other drivers on the road. Neighborhood Towing offers safe and secure flat bed towing in Charlotte, NC. Here is a closer look at what customers can expect from our flat bed towing service.

Additional safety

The use of a flat bed provides a heightened level of safety during the towing process. When a car is placed on a flatbed, it is secured in place and will not be prone to swaying. If a car is being towed and its back two wheels are on the ground, there is always the chances of something detaching or breaking, especially if it was just in an accident. Flat beds protect other drivers on the road to a greater degree.

Time saver

There is no need to worry about the draft shaft when towing on a flatbed. Moreover, cars that are still drivable can be pulled right up on the flatbed and are ready to be towed away. Loading a car on a flatbed is a straightforward and smooth process.

Prevents further damage

There are all different hazards when towing a damaged car through the use of a conventional tow truck. Driving over a pothole or bump could induce further damage is a vehicle is not secured on a flatbed. However, bumps in the road are not going to do a thing to a vehicle that is being towed on a flatbed.

Caters to broken axles

A car that has a broken axle has no other choice than to be towed on a flat bed. Some accidents cause a lot of damage and that leaves cars unable to move anywhere. That also applies to being towed. When towing a car with the use of its tires just won’t do, a flatbed is the only option.

You don’t have to be an accident to take advantage of our flat bed towing service. We also tow vintage and luxury cars as well as all types of vehicles that have broken down. Our drivers handle each vehicle with care. Safety and professionalism are at the forefront of our service, which is another reason we have become the top towing company Charlotte has to offer.