Towing Charlotte NC

Neighborhood Towing Service is ready to tow your car, truck or van to the location of your choice in the Charlotte, NC area. We employ a team of trained and fully insured professional towing services drivers, who have extensive knowledge when it comes to towing and identifying vehicle issues. Your vehicle can be trusted to get where it needs to go when you hire Neighborhood Towing Service.


Cars break down for all types of reasons and at one time or another, all drivers are going to be in need of a tow. When that time comes, Neighborhood Towing Service will be right there to help with a speedy response time. This is very important in situations that can be stressful for drivers. Our team of drivers is sensitive to the stress that these situations can bring. That places a high emphasis on service. We tow cars of all makes and models up to 100 miles and also provide roadside assistance that could negate the need for a tow. Our drivers are also very knowledgeable in the local roadways, which helps quicken our response time.


Our towing service is reserved strictly for pickup trucks of all makes and models. We can tow trucks that have been in an accident, have broken down, or have experienced a flat tire. Our first priority is to ensure that the driver is safe and then we focus on the truck and getting it safely move to another location. We provide damage free towing as all of our trucks are equipped with up-to-date tools and equipment.


Our van towing service is handled by our trucks that are capable of fitting into tight spaces. This allows us to keep the body of your van safely intact. And in the event that your van transmission has locked up, we have smaller size winches that allow us to get into difficult spots. This type of equipment has enabled us to become the premier van towing services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Van towing takes a higher level of skill and knowledge, both of which are held by every one of our drivers. Neighborhood Towing Service offers affordable rates, quick response time and safe transform of your vehicle. We do not provide locksmith service as part of our towing service in Charlotte, NC.

Expert Towing

Our fleet of tow trucks provides towing with state-of-the-art technology and top-quality equipment. Our GPS technology will get us right to your location in the quickest amount of time. We can also provide towing to any type of vehicle regardless of make or model. That comes with service provided by professional drivers with years of collective towing experience. You can rest easy ad be assured that our towing professionals will ensure the safety of your care and make for an expeditious process.

Affordable Prices

We understand that professional towing comes with a cost, but we also make sure that our customers are paying affordable rates. That’s why our towing owing prices are comparable with some of the best in the entire Charlotte area. Customers are our primary concern and that is maintained throughout the entire towing experience, which also includes the moment when we present a bill. But there are no hidden towing costs. It is our goal to showcase our towing process so that customers will reuse it in case they are ever stuck in a similar situation. We are not looking to take advantage of customers who find themselves in a predicament that calls for professional towing and that is reflected in our pricing.