Being locked out of your vehicle is one of the most frustrating things any driver can experience. If that happens to you, contact Neighborhood Towing Service as our roadside assistance covers lockouts. We will dispatch a technician directly to you and then get right to work getting you back inside your vehicle. 

Charlotte NC Auto Locked Door Services

There are a number of situations that involve a lockout. It can go beyond simply locking your keys in the car, which is something everyone has done at one time or another. At Neighborhood Towing Service, our technicians are skilled in getting you back into your car without inflicting any damage to it. Here is a look at some of the situations that can be fixed with our lockout service:

  • Removing keys locked inside a car
  • Removing keys locked in trunk
  • Removing a key that is stuck in the ignition
  • Removing key that is jammed

Expert Technicians

Our technicians have detailed knowledge on how to gain access to vehicles. That translates into getting you back into your car in practically no time at all. This also takes place without any damage to your vehicle. Our technicians also have tools that can be used to assist then in getting into your vehicle.

While you wait for our roadside assistance, it is important to remain calm. There is no need to panic when skilled help is on the way. Our technicians are able to gain access to cars and trucks of all makes and models. All you have to do is sit back and watch the process unfold.

Fast response times get you back on the road

Our response time is also fast as we understand the stress that can come with this situation. Our drivers have very fast response times and being so skilled in lockout assistance, we can have you back inside your vehicle in a brief span of time. Cast your worry aside when you call Neighborhood Towing Service and take advantage of our lockout roadside assistance in Charlotte, NC.

If the situation calls for a locksmith, our dispatcher will contact one in the area on your behalf. Modern innovations have transformed keys and that means that not all lockouts are the same. We will do whatever is needed to get you back in your car or get it started again. However, we are not locksmiths and in the event that you need a replacement key, you will have to contact your automobile manufacturer.