Jumpstart Service

Roadside Assistance Charlotte NC Vehicle TowingNeighborhood Towing Service provides roadside assistance and that includes service for your battery. Our jumpstart roadside assistance is designed to get your car running again when a failed battery is the reason you are left without power. We can dispatch a driver directly to you in the Charlotte, NC area and have your car started in a matter of minutes upon our arrival.

Dead Battery Revival

There are several reasons why a battery will fail. It could be a result of limited use, colder temperatures during the winter, or leaving the headlights on for an extended period of time. It could also be the result of an old battery that just has run its course. Whatever the reason, our roadside assistance can get your vehicle running again.

There is always the chance that something else is wrong with your vehicle. However, battery failure has some pretty obvious signs. Losing power in your radio and lights are two telling signs that your battery is dead. It is also important to note that jumping a dead battery is not a permanent solution. It’s advisable to purchase a new battery because jumping an older battery does not guarantee your vehicle will continue to start.

Vehicle protection

Newer vehicles are equipped with many innovations that make them rather complex to those who are unfamiliar with the specifics of how they operate. To jumpstart a battery, there is a certain process that needs to be undertaken. That is why our expert jumpstart service does everything correctly as our technicians are experienced in how to jumpstart all types of vehicles. That includes vehicles of all makes and models. Attempting to jumpstart a vehicle without having prior knowledge about this process could potentially damage your car and even do harm to yourself. Protect your vehicle and yourself with our professional jumpstart service.

Reasons for jumpstart service

Something as simple as leaving your headlights on could drain your battery and require a jumpstart. The best way to tell that your battery is drained is to look for any type of power when you turn the key. If the radio or lights do not come on, then chances are you are in need of a jumpstart. Leaving your trunk open could also drain your battery and it is common to do such a thing, especially at night. However, if the motor fails after a jumpstart is initiated, then there is another issue impacting your vehicle. The telling signs are usually there as batteries could drain for various reasons. Many times, a dead battery may just be out of life as they are only expected to last so long.

Accurate Arrival Time

Neighborhood Towing Service will provide you with an expected time of arrival and stick to that time frame. We understand how important time is when you are awaiting a jumpstart. That is why we pride ourselves on arriving when we say we will. Those jumpstart arrival times are typically very prompt as we will stay in touch with you to inform you of our whereabouts. We do not waste time as we value our customers who are waiting a jumpstart. We do not offer 24-hour service, but do provide jumpstart service to customers late into the evening.

Jumpstart Experience

All our drivers have a vast amount of experience when it comes to jumpstart service. Our team has provided a jumpstart to all types of vehicles over the years. We know how to handle the situation with efficiency, promptness and care. The next time you are in need of a jumpstart, trust our experience to handle the situation like a true professional.

A Safer Alternative

Some people might try to take matters in their own hands and start their car with a pair of jumper cables. However, that requires another vehicle to be available. It also requires vehicle operators to have a working knowledge of how to use jumper cables. Connecting them correctly is a necessity and some older cables may not be up to the challenge. There’s also the safety factor to consider. Making a mistake when connecting and using the cables could harm people and do damage to the vehicle.

Professional Equipment

Our roadside assistants have the most updated equipment to handle this situation. We have mobile battery packs the hook up to the dead battery and are simple to operate. This does not require any clunky cables or another battery to hook up. Our drivers can also identify how much life a battery has left.

It doesn’t matter where your car is parked, our drivers have the equipment to get to it and find a way to start your battery. This is part of our roadside assistance services that aims to get our customers back on the road. Jumpstart roadside assistance in Charlotte, NC is available with a phone call to Neighborhood Towing Service.

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