Breakdowns are common on roads all over the state of North Carolina. When your car breaks down, it can be a frustrating time. But it is good to know that help is only a phone call away. Contact Neighborhood Towing Service when you have a breakdown and let one of our drivers step in and help. Here is a look at how our breakdown roadside assistance works.

Diagnose the problem

One of our drivers will arrive on the scene and look for the source of your breakdown. It always helps to be as informative as possible when speaking with our dispatcher. That will allow a driver to get right to work upon arrival.

Roadside Repairs

Once the problem in your car is identified, our drivers can provide the necessary fix. Our trucks are equipped with tools and equipment to take care of some common problems that lead to a breakdown. Here is a look at the mobile fixes we are able to conduct right there at the scene:

  • Jumpstart service – We can hook up a battery pack and have your car started in no time at all, if your breakdown was caused by a dead battery. Jumpstarting a battery will get your vehicle moving again.
  • Change a tire – Our drivers are capable of taking off a flat tire and fastening a new one very quickly. We also have industrial jacks that can lift SUVs and trucks so that changing a tire is easy.
  • Battery service – We also offer the option of changing out a battery and installing a new one. This way, you will not have to worry about a dead battery leaving you stranded again.
  • Gas service – Breakdowns caused by a lack of gas can also be fixed as our drivers carry spare gas as apart of our roadside assistance. We can add enough gas to get you to a service station where you can fill up.

Roadside Towing

Not every car problem can be fixed on the side of the road. When that happens, our drivers can tow your vehicle to the location of your choosing. We tow all types of vehicles with a fleet of trucks that can be dispatched throughout the city of Charlotte, NC. Some car problems require replacement parts and hours of mechanical work. But no matter what is wrong, Neighborhood Towing Service will come to your aid and get you safely out of harm’s way.