The team at Neighborhood Towing Service works with local businesses to impound cars that are illegally parked or abandoned. Local businesses can utilize our service to rid their property of vehicles that should not be there. Neighborhood Towing Service has the tow trucks to carry out these impounds as we can hook up an unauthorized vehicle and tow it away in a matter of minutes. Here is a look the common situations that require our impounding service:

  • Vehicle has been abandoned on your property
  • Parked car does not belong to anyone using your business
  • Failed to honor no parking sign
  • Lack of required permit

When people hear the word impound, most think of their local police force towing an illegally parked car. However, impounding is also used by many businesses. It is part of the private sector and allows business owners to keep their parking lots clear and maintain open spots for their customers. Police impounds are usually reserved for those who commit violations.

If you are a business owner in Charlotte, NC and looking for a quality impound service, contact Neighborhood Towing Service. Our wheel lift trucks are able to fit into tight spots and remove vehicles without having to gain access to their inside controls. Our drivers are also highly skilled at hooking up vehicles in very little time. But we always make sure every car that is hooked up for a tow is safe and secure.

In order for a business to impound a vehicle, there has to be the appropriate signage posted in that parking area. That signifies a no parking area and when a violation occurs, a towing service must intervene. This is where Neighborhood Towing Service steps in to help. Our tow truck drivers provide quick, safe and reliable towing on cars that are inappropriately parked.

Towing with Integrity

The team of drivers at Neighborhood Towing Service conducts itself with the utmost integrity and professionalism in all situations. We are not in the business of trying to trick vehicle operators into getting towed. We also do not use any predatory tactics and will only tow cars that are in direct violation of a legitimate posted ordinance.

We also handle each vehicle with extreme care as safety is always a priority. Even vehicles that are illegally parked are in good hands with our towing service. For more on our impounding service in Charlotte, contact one of our customer associates today.