Car/Auto Booting

Neighborhood Towing Service now works with local businesses and companies by helping to enforce parking ordinances by fastening boots to vehicles that are in violation. This serves as a penalty for a direct violation of a posted ordinance. This type of parking enforcement is a right of business owners in Charlotte, NC.

Parking violations on private property allow companies in Charlotte to attach a boot to vehicles. Boots are not only issued by local law enforcement as towing companies can boot vehicles on behalf of a business. Car owners who fail to comply with parking ordinances could find their cars immobilized. Violations in the following areas may subject a vehicle to a boot.

  • Permit Parking
  • Paid lots
  • Apartment Building Lots
  • Timed parking
  • Loading Zones
  • Shopping Center Lots
  • Gated Communities
  • Retail Lots
  • Assigned Parking Spaces

The team of drivers at Neighborhood Towing Service are skilled in fastening a boot to a vehicle. In the process, our drivers take safety precautions, ensuring there is no damage to the vehicle. This process is not typically received well by vehicle owners and in the event that a driver encounters an owner, it is their duty to act with the highest level of professionalism. Our drivers have been trained on how to deal with people in these circumstances.

Business owners often fall victim to insolent drivers who completely disregard parking ordinances. This can have an impact on the business and, in some cases, deter customers from frequenting that establishment. When a business owner is looking to take control of their parking situation, they need to turn to- a towing company they can trust. Neighborhood Towing Service is ready to help and make sure all the parking on a certain premises is fair and warranted.

Business owners are under a tremendous amount of stress when it comes to the everyday operation of their business. Illegal parking adds one more unnecessary form of aggravation. Putting an end to that illegal parking can be helped immensely with a towing service that applies a boot to offenders. Take the initiative and reduce your stress levels by enlisting the help of professional drivers who will work to enforce your ordinances.

Neighborhood Towing Service has state of the art equipment that allows our drivers to apply the latest model boots to vehicles that are in direct violation. We also provide towing service in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.