Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement has taken on new meaning for business owners in Charlotte, NC. They are now able to take back control of their designated parking areas and fend off illegal parking. This is all done with the help of a Neighborhood Towing Service as we have the equipment and resources to get the job done right. Our towing service enforces impounding and car booting on private property in the city of Charlotte, NC. 


The process of impounding an illegally parked vehicle is no longer a sole right of local police departments. Businesses that have cars illegally parked on their property can now do something about it. With the help of Neighborhood Towing Service, these illegally parked cars can be towed to a destination where the owner has to be a fee to retrieve their vehicle.

The process works rather simply. When a car is parked in an unapproved spot, or does not have the proper permitting, one of our drivers is alerted. That driver then tows the car that is in violation. The vehicle is taken off the property and to a third-part location.

Car Booting

Many private parking lots, garages and other types of complexes are often filled with cars that should not be parked there. For businesses, this can mean lost customers, especially when there is a limited amount of parking. The application of an auto boot can prevent such occurrences and serve as a deterrent for others who might attempt to park their car in an unauthorized space. These boots are a way of businesses to maintain parking enforcement on their property.

Enforcement Towing Professionals

Neighborhood Towing Service has a team of associates who are available to speak with business owners interested in enlisting our parking enforcement services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. We conduct every tow and every application of a boot by taking the proper safety precautions. Vehicles are always safe when they are in the care of one of our drivers as they have been fully trained on how to handle these situations.

We also have a fleet of tow trucks capable of towing parked cars without causing any damage to the vehicle. Our wheel lift tow trucks make for easy access in tight spots as our drivers can maneuver in tight quarters. The ease of hookup also allows us to remove vehicles quickly and efficiently. For private parking enforcement in Charlotte, NC, contact Neighborhood Towing Service.