Advice for Preparing to Tow Your Vehicle

It is usually never a fun time when you are getting ready to have your vehicle towed. However, there are steps you can take when preparing for a tow. Here is a look at some helpful advice when you find yourself in this situation.

Advice Tip #1: Collect your valuables and personal items
There may be some valuables in your car and the fact that it is going somewhere means that you should secure those items in your possession. Look through your glove compartment, trunk and backseat to be sure that you grab anything valuable. There is always the chance someone could rummage through your car and you may also be without for a while.

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Advice Tip #2: Take photos
You are entrusting your vehicle in the hands of someone else, which makes it important to know what you are giving them. Taking pictures of your vehicle before it gets towed provides you with evidence should something go wrong or some type of damage be incurred. There’s always a chance that your car could somehow get damaged and without any beforehand photos, you won’t have any type of proof that it wasn’t like that before it was towed.

Advice Tip #3: Turn off your emergency brake
Most people don’t use their emergency brakes during their daily driving. But if a car is broken down or in an accident, some drivers may be more inclined to engage the parking brake. It’s important to turn it off before a vehicle tow because the process could damage your car if it is engaged. To be on the safe side, double check and make sure the parking brake is off.

Advice Tip #4: Have somewhere to tow the car
If your car stopped running or has been in an accident, there are specific places that will take care of the repair process. Decide on a destination before you call for a tow. It’s also better and cheaper to tow your vehicle to a place that will take care of the repairs as opposed to just having it towed to your home.

Advice Tip #5: Don’t just call any towing company
Not all towing companies are created equal. Some will gouge you with excessive fees. It is important to do some research and make sure you are trusting your vehicle in the care of a reliable company.

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